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Rare Prints

1500 Victory Edition
Robert Taylor

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Overall size
33” x 25”

A much sought after Robert Taylor limited edition featuring the greatest fighter Ace of all time, Colonel Erich Hartmann.
This is a rare edition of this print carrying the original signatures of nine Luftwaffe Aces, including Colonel Erich Hartmann himself, having between them a total of over 1500 aerial victories.

Legend has it that Russian pilots knew the Me109 with the Black Tulip painted on the nose was that of a great Luftwaffe air Ace, and a warning would be radioed to other pilots the moment the distinctive aircraft was sighted. The best chance of survival was to depart the scene quickly and without contest.

Realising that his conspicuous insignia was the reason for a slight lull in his air victories, the great Ace had the flamboyant paintwork removed; immediately his phenomenal scoring rate resumed. True or false, one thing is beyond all doubt: the young fighter Ace, known to Russian pilots as The Black Tulip, would go on to become the highest-scoring fighter Ace in history, creating a record that will almost certainly stand forever in the annals of aerial warfare. Today that man is a legend among fighter pilots. His name is Erich Hartmann.

STING OF THE BLACK TULIP commemorates Erich Hartmann's seven air victories in a day on 7th August, 1943. Depicted flying his Messerschmitt Me109 G-6, the maestro nails the first of these victories, as he and other pilots of JG-52 come hurtling into the attack. Making use of billowing cumulus clouds, the wily Staffelkapitan leads his squadron in a classic ambush sequence high over the Eastern Front. A consummate aerial combat painting by the great master of aviation art, Robert Taylor's dramatic scenario captures all the essence of aerial combat, as twelve Me 109s, guns blazing, come rushing headlong into battle. Already the first of the enemy has fallen to the guns of the squadron commander, and before the fight is over six more will have fallen victim to the Ace of fighter Aces.

Sting of the Black Tulip is personally signed by
Colonel Erich HARTMANN - 352 victories
Generalleutnant Gunther RALL - 275 victories
Generalleutnant Walter KRUPINSKI - 197 victories
Leutnant Peter DUTTMANN - 152 victories
Oberleutnant Walter WOLFRUM - 137 victories
Oberst Adolf DICKFELD - 136 victories
Oberleutnant Kurt SCHADE - 27 victories
Hauptmann Alfred GRISLAWSKI - 133 victories
Leutnant Edmund ROSSMANN - 93 victories

Sting of the Black Tulip by Robert Taylor

We are selling a copy of this print on behalf of one of our collectors. The print is in mint condition having never been framed and having been stored flat and dark since original purchase.
1150  SOLD

We have a second copy available. It Has been stored dark and flat from new and has never been framed. Unfortunately it has a number of kinks from mishandling, mainly in the border areas but also some in the image area. They are not immediately obvious when looking directly at the print but can be seen when holding it at certain angles. They would not be visible behind glass and as such this print would be ideal for someone wanting a copy for framing and display.


Call us for more information: 0121 355 1333
Reference: TK006

This print can be purchased using our Lay-Away scheme.

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