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We are quite often offered prints from collectors who, for various reasons, now wish to sell. Unfortunately we cant buy in all the prints we are offered - framed prints are particularly difficult because of the storage space needed. Our Classified Advert service has been set up as an option for sellers in these circumstances.

We have a strong reputation for having a good selection of rare prints available at any one time and we get a lot of visitors to our web site who are specifically interested in rare aviation prints by the top artists such as Robert Taylor, Gerald Coulson, Nicolas Trudgian etc. A classified advert can be a very cost effective way of selling your print, or indeed complete collection, to a fellow enthusiast.

What you will need to provide:

Photos -
as good a quality as possible photos of the actual prints for sale is very important in giving potential buyers confidence in what you are selling - we can use stock images if necessary but in our experience this is never as effective.

Provenance - did you buy the prints from new ? from where ? do you have sales receipts ? do you have the original Certificates of Authenticity ?

Framing - if the print is framed was this arranged by yourself ? do you know to what standard it was done e.g. acid free mount board etc. ?

Condition - we will need an accurate as possible description of the print, noting any marks, kinks or fading.

Price -
it is best to have a specific price in mind rather than putting ‘offers’, if at all possible - we can advise on this if needed.

Delivery - you will need to think about how you will deliver the print when it is sold. A stout postal tube is a popular solution - you will need to decide what to charge, if anything, for shipping. Are you prepared to deliver in person within a certain distance ? are you happy for a buyer to pick up from your location ?

Contact - we will need an email address at a minimum where potential buyers can contact you. A phone number is good but not essential. We would not put your address in the advert but if you can provide a general location that might help if someone wants to pick up from you rather than have it shipped - particularly useful if you have framed prints.


Advert dedicated to a single print - best solution if you are selling a valuable print - 15 for a year - extendible if needed by 5 for a second year.

Advert for multiple prints - if you are selling a collection this may be best - includes up to 5 images and condition descriptions and as long a list of prints as you would like - 30 for a year - extendible if needed for 10 for a second year.

How to proceed:

Just contact us at sales@aviation-art-world.com

Important note: these are private sales between yourself and the buyer - Aviation Art World will not be charging any sales commission or other expenses and will also not be offering any guarantees.

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