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Robert Taylor

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Crewing Up by Robert Taylor

A very rare Robert Taylor print signed by Commander in Chief of Bomber Command 1942-1945, Marshall of the Royal Air Force Sir Arthur Harris plus 27 other signatures.

Robert Taylor’s famous painting depicts a Lancaster squadron crewing up for a night operation over occupied Europe. Limited edition prints were released in 1980 and were signed by Sir Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris.

We are selling a copy of this print on behalf of one of our collectors. This example had extra signatures added many years ago at veteran events. It has been professionally mounted onto a board backing which, whilst not ideal, has served to give the print outstanding protection during the process of having extra signatures added and resulted in a well presented print with virtually no evidence of handling, very rare with these multi-signed prints because of the handling they have to go through when getting the signatures added. The main image area is excellent with strong unfaded colours - this print would be a very impressive addition to any collection. The original certificate is not included but we can guarantee its authenticity and if required provide a formal letter to that effect.

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a unique piece of aviation history carrying the signatures of 28 members of Bomber Command, including a number from 617 Squadron.

Operations On - The Signatories

This print is signed by:

Sir Arthur Harris MRAF

Sergeant Fred Sutherland RCAF - 617 Sqn. Front gunner on Lancaster AJN, the third to attack the Eder Dam and cause the final breach.

FO Ray Grayston - 617 Sqn Flight Engineer AJ-H Eder Dam

Sqn Ldr Tony Iveson DFC AE - 617 Sqn - Tirpitz raid

Freddie Watts DFC - 617 Sqn - Lancaster pilot who bombed V2 rocket sites and U-boat pens and shared in the final destruction of the battleship Tirpitz.

Flying Officer Basil Fish (Navigator – 617 Sqn)  - During his operational flying he was involved in raids on the Kembs and Urft dams together with those on the German battleships Lutzau and Tirpitz.

Flying Officer Jim Lockerbie IX Sqn.

Flight Lieutenant John Rollins DFC AFC - 35 Sqn. Pathfinders

Sig Ldr Larry Curtis DFC* - wireless operator and subsequently Signals Leader of 617 Squadron - flew on some of its most celebrated raids of the post-Dams Raid era, including attacks on V-weapons sites, U-boat pens, and the battleship Tirpitz.

Warrant Officer Colin Cole - Wireless Operator 617 Sqn - Tirpitz, Prince Eugen and Lutzow raids.

Flt. Sgt Grant McDonald 617 Sqd. - attacked Sorpe Dam in AJ-F.

Sergeant Frank Tilley - 617 Sqn - took part in all the Tirpitz raids.

Pilot Officer Gordon Mackie - 617 Sqn.

Warrant Officer John 'Des' D Phillips - 617 Sqn. - Tirpitz raids.

Flight Lieutenant John Petrie-Andrews DFC DFM - 102, 158, 35 Sqn - 70 ops on heavy bombers.

Beck Parsons 617 Sqn Electrical NCO  - 207 Squadron at Waddington then in March 1943 he was posted to 617 Squadron at Scampton where he flew with Barnes Wallis during the tests on the bouncing bomb.  As Electrical NCO Beck was responsible for the electrics on “B” flight at the time of the raid, together with ‘Top Maintenance’ on five of the Lancaster’s, including those of Guy Gibson and Mick Martin.

Flt Lieutenant Bob Knights DSO, DFC - 619, 617 Sqn - flew on Operation Taxable on the night before D-Day which simulated the approach of the invasion across the Pas de Calais by dropping metal strips of window to a very precise pattern - the enemy was completely deceived and kept most of their best troops on the wrong side of the Seine.

A Riddle LAC - groundcrew 617 Sqn AJ-H

There are 9 further signatures on this print - we have not yet researched them all to provide a definitive list. In the meantime if you would like a large size, high resolution photo of the signature area then just contact and we will email it to you.

Overall size   30” x 24”

Crewing Up by Robert Taylor

Crewing Up by Robert Taylor

We are selling this print on behalf of one of our collectors - viewing at our gallery is recommended.

Call us for more information: 0121 355 1333
Reference: VC007

This print can be purchased using our Lay-Away scheme.

Crewing Up by Robert Taylor sigs

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