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Robert Taylor

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Greycap Leader by Robert Taylor

A rare Robert Taylor edition signed by the legendary Johnnie Johnson plus 9 other Spitfire pilots from his Canadian Wing.

"Kenway to Greycap. Bandits flying down Rhine towards you. Steer One Three Zero".
"Greycap to Kenway. Roger. How many?"
"A small gaggle - about a dozen. Out".
Leading 433 (Canadian) Squadron, Johnnie Johnson swings his twelve Spitfires to the south-east, following the course of the river at 12,000 feet. All eyes are peeled. Operating from an ex-Luftwaffe base at Culot in Belgium, Johnnie Johnson's Canadian Wing were in combat most days the weather permitted. The Luftwaffe had staged a remarkable recovery after their defeat at Normandy and by September 1944 were operating in strength from airfields east of the Rhine. Big formations of Fw190 and Me109 fighters were pitting themselves against the RAF's ground-attack Typhoons, and it was the Canadians task to get to the Luftwaffe fighters first.

"Greycap from red three. Nine bandits below".
With all the essentials of tactical success - speed, height and surprise, the Canadians plummet into the enemy fighters. Within seconds the air becomes a tangle of twisting, turning fighters.
Robert Taylor takes up the story moments after the attack. Greycap Leader - Johnnie Johnson - has already bagged an Fw190, and is hauling his Mk IX Spitfire around looking for a second whilst to starboard his wingman draws a bead on another Fw190. In the distance more enemy fighters appear; they too will shortly receive the attention of the Canadians.
An aerial dog-fight scene portrayed as only Robert Taylor can, issued as a limited edition signed by no fewer than TEN Spitfire pilots who flew in combat in Johnnie Johnson's legendary Canadian Wing.

Greycap Leader - The Signatories

AVM Johnnie Johnson CB CBE DSO** DFC* DL
SL Danny Browne DFC
WC JF ‘Stocky’ Edwards DFC* DFM
SL Hartland Finlay DFC
WC Hugh Godefroy DSO DFC*
Lt Gen Don Laubman DFC*
WC Andy MacKenzie DFC CD
WC Robert G Middlemiss DF CD
FL Larry Robillard DFM CD
WC Robert Smith DFC*

Overall size
33” x 23.5”

Greycap Leader by Robert Taylor

We have a copy in exceptional condition which is for sale on behalf of one of our collectors. It has been stored flat and dark and never been framed. It is one of just 85 Artist Proofs. Comes with original Certificate of Authenticity.

Contact us for more information: sales@aviation-art-world.com
Reference: CD002

This print can be purchased using our Lay-Away scheme.

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