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Robert Taylor

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The Bridge At Remagen by Robert Taylor

 A trilogy of matching numbered limited edition prints by Robert Taylor, featuring the Luftwaffe's fighting jets of World War II.

Within 9 months of the historic Normandy landings, the US First Army had reached the Rhine – Germany’s last blockade against the swingeing American onslaught.  Hitler had ordered German troops to prevent at all costs the US Army establishing a bridge-head across the river and, as they retreated to the eastern bank, the vital bridges were to be destroyed.

Like all strategic river crossings, the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen had been packed with explosives and primed for detonation, but either sabotage or a lucky tank shell took out the command wire, preventing all 60 charges from exploding.  When news reached Hitler of the American crossing at Remagen he ordered everything imaginable to be thrown at the bridge in an attempt to destroy it.  V2 rockets, underwater frogmen, saboteurs and all aircraft at the Luftwaffe’s disposal were sent into action.

Lifting off from their bases, a combined force of the Luftwaffe’s new jets, Me262 and Arado 234 bombers, set out with great determination to take out the Bridge at Remagen.  The attacking force flew through a terrifying barrage of American anti-aircraft fire from batteries now dug in on both sides of the railroad bridge.  Relying on their incredible speed and manoeuvrability in an effort to destroy their target, this valiant mission was the first significant combined aircraft attack in the history of jet combat aviation.

Robert Taylor’s fine rendition of this historic action shows the lead aircraft powering through the hail of ack-ack and tracer fire; to the left a twin engine Arado, the world’s first jet bomber, banks away sharply  to avoid the maelstrom, having survived its daring attack.

Superbly painted in Robert Taylor’s inimitable style, the world’s greatest aviation artist has recreated one of the most vital actions fought during the latter part of war.  Commemorating the new era of jet combat.

Pre Flight Brief and Night Interceptors by Robert Taylor

Supplied with the matching numbered companion prints Pre Flight Brief and Night Interceptors

This edition is signed by 5 Luftwaffe pilots who played an important role in the history of jet combat:

The Bridge at Remagen - The Signatories

Leutnant Herbert Altner
Major Hans-Georg Batcher
Oberleutnant Heiner Haeffner
Major Erich Rudorffer
Major Heinz Unrau

Overall size 34” x 25”
Companion prints each 17” x 13” overall.

The Bridge at Remagen by Robert Taylor

We are selling a copy of this print on behalf of one of our collectors. All three prints are in excellent condition having only a couple of minor handling imperfections, they have been stored flat and dark and never framed. This matching numbered set comes with the original Certificate of Authenticity.


Contact us for more information: sales@aviation-art-world.com
Reference: CD010

This print can be purchased using our Lay-Away scheme.

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