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World War 2


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Bridge Busters

Anthony Saunders

Size: 26" x 21"
Edition: 400
Subject: P-47s of the 78th FG.

With orders to destroy, delay or disrupt enemy forces en-route to the Normandy battle area, P-47 Thunderbolts from the 78th Fighter Group launch a blistering high-speed, low-level attack, on a German freight train in occupied northern France, June 1944. Desperately attempting to transport vital supplies to the front by daylight, it has fallen prey to the cannons and bombs of the eagle-eyed Thunderbolt pilots. In the weeks following D-Day, the pilots of the 78th FG would fly almost continuous missions to seek out and eliminate any German vehicles, positions and forces they could find; and cause chaos and mayhem to the enemy's lines of communication ahead of the advancing Allied forces.

Each copy of Anthony Saunders' Limited Edition, Bridge Busters, is signed by two highly-respected USAAF P-47 fighter pilots, who both flew interdiction missions in P-47s after D-Day.
First Lieutenant SAMUEL ‘BUZZARD’ LUTZ.


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